ایجاد یک‌ سیستم مدیریت فروش آنلاین مطابق با استاندارد های تجارت الکترونیک در جهت هدایت تصمیم نهایی خریدو رفع نیاز مشتریان، فروشندگان و توزیع کنندگان محصولات و خدمات.

With the spread of access to the Internet, over time, traditional commerce has been replaced by new forms of trading, such as e-commerce. In this regard, Arsina has launched a software called Foroshgostar™ in the field of online sales management system, in today's competitive market.

Development of software solutions

ارائه نرم افزار های قابل توسعه و قدرتمند در جهت بهبود عملکرد سازمان، بهینه سازی و ایجاد بهترین تجارب مشتری

In large and organized companies, various public and pre-made software available at the market are used for related departments, such as financial software, warehousing, customer relationship, etc., each of them are appropriate for the general needs of any business. This not only complicates management of current processes implementation in the organization, but will also result in irreversible costs in the future. In order to prevent these problems, designing custom-made software, according to the needs of each organization, will ease the way of managers of any business . Arsina software team provides special and unique solutions and software, according to the needs and systems of each company.

System integration

گسترش فرآیند های سازمانی، افزایش بهره وری و کاهش هزینه از طریق یکپارچه سازی نرم افزارها، تبادل الکترونیکی و هماهنگ سازی اطلاعات موجود در سیستم های مختلف.

All processes in each department of the organization are managed according to the level of activity of each company with a variety of specialized software, each with different features, reports, information and ... The exchange of information between these software with different structures is the biggest concern of business executives which we have fixed. Integration is a solution in which there is no need to modify existing software and regardless of the technology used in, existing software can connect to each other.