Picture of E-commerce

طراحی فروشگاه اینترنتی

With the spread of access to the Internet, over time, traditional commerce has been replaced by new forms of trading, such as e-commerce. In this regard, Arsina has launched a software called Foroshgostar™ in the field of online sales management system, in today's competitive market.

Today, due to the significant expansion of e-commerce, every organization and business is required to be present in this field, and a delay in this issue has direct correlation with the removal of that organization from the competitive market of today.

Now the procedure of presentation in this highly competing space is a question that involves the minds of executives.

One of the most effective practices in the field of e-commerce is the use of an online sales management system for the presentation of products and services, which Arsina, with the design of a product called Foroshgostar, has provides a suitable environment for online advertising and sales.

Foroshgostar, the product sales management and delivery system, has the ability to connect to other software in the organization. With this unique feature, it has been able to have a distinct position than its competitors.

Advantages of using Foroshgostar:

1. Increase the number of customers;
2. Possibility to compare goods;
3. Create interactions between customers and vendors
4. All-inclusive access to the admin panel;
5. Reduce costs, such as shipping or warehouse costs;
6. Online purchaing at any time of the day;
7. Customer access to information in a short amount of time;
8. Expansion of business activities at the national and international levels;
9. Eliminating intermediaries and supplying products at affordable prices;


One of the most significant features of Foroshgostar™ is the ability to connect to other systems in each organization.