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ارتباط با سایر نرم افزار ها

All processes in each department of the organization are managed according to the level of activity of each company with a variety of specialized software, each with different features, reports, information and ... The exchange of information between these software with different structures is the biggest concern of business executives which we have fixed. Integration is a solution in which there is no need to modify existing software and regardless of the technology used in, existing software can connect to each other.

Various software from each company, such as financial software and accounting, warehousing, CRM or customer relationship, etc., are presented with different structures and programs at different timescales, so the operations and reports that each of them provides is also different from the other.Review of all these reports and processes by the humans requires a lot of time and money, and the result error rate is uncontrollable.

To this end, by using the latest technologies in software design, Arsina software company has developed a feature with which all software can be connect to each other and all information can be integrated between them easily.

In addition to integrating its own software, Arsina can also integrate software with different brands; thereby one can avoid time-wasting human work to transfer data from software to software. Finally, it provides a comprehensive and complete report for managers.

With software integration by Arsina, there is no need to modify existing software, and regardless of the technology used in, previous organization software can connect to each other easily. This process not only raises productivity, but also will reduce future costs. In other words, integration can play an effective role in organizations, because it provides an adaptation between all existing technologies in the company.



The Effects of Different Software Integration by Arsina on the Organization's Business:

. Accurate and efficient response to customer needs;

. Accessing information at the right time and managing them properly;

. Increasing productivity and revenue for the organization;

. Improve the quality of staff performance;

. Improving customer service;

 In addition to the foregoing, the greatest advantage of this method is the ability to manage time. By integrating organization software, you can reduce the time of processes and additional costs and optimize your cost, time, and manpower.

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