Picture of ّForosh Gostar
Picture of ّForosh Gostar
Picture of ّForosh Gostar

ّForosh Gostar

Creating an advanced online shop with management of products and services, content, advertising, warehousing and posting, customers ...

An online sales system with advanced and easy-to-set tools for setting up an online shop or a Marketplace for all businesses that want to increase their sales on the Internet and manage their customers and their sales by connecting to other systems of their organization.

The most important benefits of the Comprehensive Online Sales Management of Foroosh Gostar are summarized in the following categories:

. Design a business-friendly store

. Ability to connect to other software organizations (integration)

. Advanced Site SEO

. All bank ports can be installed

. Displays the basic information required for sales and store management such as the total number of orders and customers, bestselling products, keywords used in searches, and so on. In the form of charts, tables and alerts to the manager.

. View product categories, manufacturers, and user comments about products with the possibility of question and answer with the site administrator, inventory control, control, review and follow up of the registered orders and sent products, trackback of return requests, gift cards, user management and user level assignment, various logging of the system, advertising and marketing to attract customers and increase sales by assigning such options as offering various discount coupons (gift cards) to customers, content management and automatic system messages, system configuration features, customer and order settings, settings Related to taxes, shipping and hundreds of other features
Design of the Internet store system profile