Picture of EIS


EIS is a management information system designed for top level executives for strategic information. The purpose of the EIS is to provide managers with easy and immediate access to key information to achieve the company's goals. In such systems, more graphical graphs are used.

One of the main tasks of the EIS is to determine the effects of the decisions of the managers of the organization on the process of the company's work; for this purpose, it is necessary to draw up the relevant information in a chart before the decision is made, and after implementation of the decision, Again that chart is plotted. Managers will figure out how these decisions will affect the company's workflow from the comparison of these two charts.

Therefore, it can be said that the management information system enables the preparation of graphical reports of various trends, such as profitability, sales, cost, waste, customer and employee satisfaction, etc to examine the impact of managers decisions.

In this regard, Arsina designs and implements engineering  information system for different companies. Among these organizations is one of the most famous industrial companies involved in the design and construction of telecommunication and power transmission towers, for which Arsina has designed an engineering information system in order to provide managerial reports for projects and tenders.