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Salary calculation of employees in organizations, receipt of various reports such as payments to the bank, tax payments and reports of payments to insurance organizations and ...

Salary calculation of employees in organizations is one of the activities that needs careful attention. In this regard, Payroll software is used to eliminate human error and make it easier for officials to work. Various reports can also be obtained from the payroll software, such as payments to the bank, tax payments and reports of payment to  insurance organizations, and more.

In addition, you can use the payroll software to store a comprehensive database of employee profiles and records. In this regard, Arsina has designed payroll software with the following features and capabilities to better serve its customers:

. Workshop definition;

. The definition of different and unlimited number of contract types for each workshop in order to categorize personnel and provide a variety of reports, such as a list of salaries, insurance list and diskettes, etc., in general or individually;

. Registration of personnel and staff records;

. Automatic tax calculation;

. Calculation of employee's share of insurance  automatically;

. Ability to communicate with a variety of computer attendance devices;

. Unlimited loan registration with different methods (fixed installments and variable installments) according to the policies of the workshop on loan payments;

. Get the company logo and print it in the bank list and notices and other reports;

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